Top 5 things to do first in order to start marketing your business online!

Online marketing can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. This quick top five tip list offers ways to quickly start your online marketing efforts in a way that streamlines your efforts. Start here, and then check out our other blogs for more ideas on how to tackle marketing your business online.

Once you understand online marketing, it’s easy to see that although it’s not difficult, there’s a lot to it – so here’s a simple to-do list to get started with.

Here’s a quick checklist for where to start marketing your business online:

Begin with your back-end SEO work to quickly increase your free online marketing presence – below are links to help you get directly to the pages you need fast.

Hover over the text with your mouse as there are direct links to each of the places you need to go to help you get started!

  1. Claim your Facebook Page (read our other article for details on how). Make sure you update your business address and website so consumers can find you more easily. Want more details on how to best market your business on Facebook? Check out the highly rated book called The Book on Facebook Marketing: To Help You Set Your Business & Life On Fire
  2. Claim your Google Place. These are the search results that come up next to the map on a search for a business within Google. This is very important for businesses with a physical location, especially retail stores. To maximize opportunities using Google Places, you may want to read additional details in the book called: Google Places: Insights Into How To Use Google Places To Gain More Exposure For Your Business or another detailed book.
  3. Claim your Twitter Handle (read our other article for details on how). Online marketing is about controling your brand online. If you don’t claim your name, someone else will. Remember trying to get the .com domains? Now it’s about claiming your name on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Want to read more about how to maximize your marketing on Twitter? Check out the book called The Tao of Twitter, Revised and Expanded New Edition: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time
  4. Claim your Yelp (and all directory) listings, especially .gov sites. This is a very tedious, time-consuming task. Check Yext to see how your listings look now. We manually update all of these listings and manage them for you for the $999 up-front fee as part of any package. Services that do this in an “automated” fashion do not work in our experience (unfortunately for all of us!).
  5. Claim your Foursquare Location. Even if you’re not one to check-in using your phone at locations, if you have a retail location, others are likely already checking in when they visit. Foursquare seems to be already losing steam, but there are still some die-hard users out there.

PS ... you did already claim your web site name, right? Grab it before someone else does! Here’s how to claim your business website name online.

Most of these tasks will take you only moments to set up, but hours to manage and maximize. The directories are by far the most tedious, but are worth it as claiming the listings can significantly improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

If you want an all-in-one book to help you with social media marketing, check out 500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice, Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!
Once you’ve mastered the above, and have a website created, start blogging! Here’s why blogging is so important.

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